Why sucralose

What is Sucralose ??

Sucralose is a Non-nutritive Sweetener . It is Zero Calorie Diabetic Fit New Generation Sugar Substitute.

Is Sucralose Sugar ??

Sucralose is made from Sugar but Sucralose is Not Sugar. Sucralose is made from Sucrose ( Cane Sugar ) by a multi-step manufacturing process that selectively replaces three hydroxyl ( molecules bounded with hydrogen and oxygen atoms ) with chlorine. This molecular change makes Sucralose 600 times Sweeter With Same Taste of Sugar but Without Calories.

Can we make Sugar Free Products With Sucralose ??

Yes. Sucralose Provides ZERO CALORIES. with same taste of SUGAR. Hence Sucralose is Globally used for making SUGAR FREE PRODUCTS ….

Will the Product Taste Just like Sugar if we use SUCRALOSE in Place of Sugar ??

Sucralsoe is Made from Sugar So Sucralose Provides Same taste of Sugar .

How Many Calories Sucralose Have ??

Sucralose IS ZERRO CALORIE . It does not provide Calorie to the food or other products .

Is Sucralsoe a Natural Product ??

However Sucralose is made from Sugar but since the Sugar molecules are modified to make Sucralose through multistep process hence Scientifically it is classified as " Artificial Sweetener "

Is Sucralose Safe ??

Yes .. every regulatory agency that has reveiewed the Scientific research on Scralose has found it safe. Thus FDA has recognized Sucralose as General Purpose Sweetener .

Is Sucralose Safe For Diabetics :

Sucralose is not metabolized by the body for energy and does not affect the blood glucose levels. Sucralose is not recognized by the body as carbohydrates or sugar . Americal Diabetics Association web www.diabeties.org describes as it has not effect on carbohydrates metabolism or insulin secretaion and therefore is suitable for Diabetics.

Is Sucralose approved for use in India .

Yes Sucralose is well approved by FSSAI for use in Food / dairy / bakery / Beverages with permitted ppm limits ..